Invisible Crown uses the Performing Arts to develop God-given Talent and nurture Confidence in all our students.

We are a Christian space motivated by stewardship of talent and developing it for a greater purpose. We do this using our Content, Contact and Impact. Consequently, our trainers have an obligation to adhere to Christian and Biblical ethos.

At Invisible Crown, we explore the relationship between Confidence and the Performing Arts because this character trait determines how productive, successful and well-rounded an individual becomes in the future.

All our Performing Arts Programs (MUSIC, DANCE & DRAMA) are designed to develop the 5 attributes of Confidence. 

At IC we’re always on the lookout for talented individuals to join us in our Mission to impact the growing minds of all our students. We are looking for people determined to be Stewards of Grace (1 Peter 4:10) by applying their gifts diligently, upholding the values of the institution and executing their roles to the best of their ability.

Our fun, collaborative and driven work environment is dedicated to nurturing Confidence and God-given talents within all our programs. If purposeful work is important to you, apply.



As a Ballet Instructor at IC,  you have the chance to leverage your creativity and imagination. Using your gift and highest technical knowledge to positively impact all our students.

*Teaching all levels of  ballet technique, pointe, pas de deux & variations.

*Weekly planning/recording of sessions with reflections on possible improvements.

*Monitoring of students’ progress and the encouragement of student self assessment.

*Creating original choreography, rehearse/coach for performances.

*Possibly direct student performing companies and tours.     

*Mentoring student creative projects ensuring that every student has the ability to create from an early age.

*Ensure the application of the Crown Training Model in classes.

  1. 3 Years prior experience as a professional ballet teacher.
  2. Teaching Certification in the RAD and/or Cecchetti Ballet curriculum.
  3. Abilities in contemporary, tap and jazz styles are an added advantage.
  4. Demonstrated experience in working with children and teens between ages (4 – 21 years).
  5. Excellent leadership skills. Could potentially grow into a Leadership Position.
  6. Abilities in report writing.
  7. A skill in another Art form is added advantage. (Drama or Music).
  8. Ability and experience in putting together a concert/production is not mandatory but an added advantage.
  9. Aged between 24 Yrs. – 35 Yrs.

IC’s Mandate:

  1. A return ticket for home visits annually.
  2. Accommodation for the first 3 months ( for expat candidates).
  3. Work permit and required legal documentation.
  4. Paid leave breaks.



In Customer Experience at IC, you join us in our quest to serve with excellence & compassion. Ensuring all students and parents have the opportunity to experience The ‘Crown’.

*Be the first line of contact for customer inquiries via phone, text and email.

*Partner with trainers and staff to ensure customers’ expectations are met or exceeded.

*Update customers on programs and event schedules.

*Develop customer and product knowledge expertise. 

*Verify and enter client information for all programs delivery.

*Provides customer follow-up and problem resolution.

*Using client feedback, supports IC team in programs delivery.


  1. Degree in Business Management
  2. At least 3 years’ experience in a Customer experience role.
  3. Excellent problem solving skills and with an ability to communicate concepts and ideas.
  4. Excellent Communication skills, both oral and written
  5. Must have outgoing personality with the ability to handle repetitive inquiries without compromising on delivery.
  6. Must have Administrative writing and reporting skills
  7. Ability to multi-task , with a proactive approach to tasks.
  8.  Must have experience in handling and organising large databases.
  9. A team player with a positive attitude and good interpersonal and communication skills



This R & D role is deeply impactful in its execution & development . You will have the opportunity to be part of something deeply revolutionary (Stewardship & The Crown).

*Support with all testing programs for Trainers and Institutions.

*Conduct evaluations of programs, projects, and training materials.

*Assist with developing and distributing client specific surveys; Students, Parent and educational institutions.

*In consultation with the Crown Training Coordinator to develop comprehensive and continuous Crown training strategies. (Confidence and it FIVE attributes within the context of Performing Arts.)

*Analyse, approve and make recommendations regarding proposed research to be conducted in our Performing Arts Programs.

*Support all our Impact and Sponsorship programs.

  1. A Tertiary level degree or Masters in R & D and/or Psychology.
  2. 3 Years prior experience in Research and Development.
  3. Has working knowledge of child and youth development.
  4. Must have previously developed and implemented Products/Ideas.
  5. Excellent leadership skills.
  6. Impeccable abilities in report writing and ability to work within strict deadlines.
  7. A skill in a performing Art form is added advantage. (Dance, Drama or Music)
  8. Aged between 28Yrs – 35Yrs.

*Send your Profile/C.V with relevant documents and 3 references to

Ballet Instructor : If applying for the Ballet Instructor role from another country, include a Mini-Video highlighting your special qualities that would impact our IC Program Delivery Statement.

Research & Development : If applying for the R & D role. Include a sample research project you have worked on recently and how your role in R & D would impact our IC Program Delivery Statement.